Scott and Misty Rogers

Family is the centerpiece for everything when it comes to our January Good Neighbors.

Scott and Misty Rogers are the owners of Collision Auto Body. They have owned the business for thirteen years, but purchasing the business was not truly the beginning of their story. For that we need to go back over thirty years. That is when Scott’s step father (Roger Croyles) started the body shop over 30 years in the building that Collision is still in today. His step father ran a body shop there as well until he tragically passed away.  

The business was then purchased by Dale Cowden and Scott continued his career there until Dale Cowden retired. Upon his retirement Dale asked Scott if he would like to buy the business. It was during these early years over twenty years ago that Misty came into the body shop one day after moving here from Montana. There she stood new to Elko with a wrecked car. Misty had been in an accident and needed repairs done.  Scott knew he could not let her walk out the door without first asking her on a date.  

Since that fateful day in the body shop they have been together. They have two sons that are currently serving in the Army. One is stationed in Texas and the other in Alaska. They are a strong military family that have weathered five deployments between the two boys. Their lives are completely interwoven with the business. It was on the day that their oldest son graduated from high school that they signed the papers to take ownership of Collision. As Misty says, “We are a family.”  

They have employees that have been with the company for the entire thirteen years they have owned it. They do not treat the people who work for them like employees, they treat them the same way they would any other member of their family. This is what makes them unique.

In addition the Rogers have an incredible heart when it comes to making sure that our community is taken care of. Each year they donate to our coat drive. They put a lot of thought and attention into making sure the coats that they buy are truly warm enough for our climate and will fill the sizes that we need.  Each year we wait with anticipation for Misty to come in with her huge boxes of purchases.  She always finds adorable warm coats for us to give out to local children. This year, even after they had made their donation, we were short coats. We reached out to Misty and she came to the rescue to make sure that there were no children left still in need. The commitment to our community that this showed was overwhelming.

They also have each been active on community organization boards. Whether it’s Scott with Friends 4 life, or Misty on the Vitality and Horizon Hospice board, they stay extremely busy serving others. They are a couple who enjoys giving back. Misty says, ”They feel incredibly blessed and want to do something to give back.” Helping children and others in need in our community makes them feel great. They enjoy doing most of their good work in the background. They do not enjoy the spotlight but instead prefer to go about their business and just make sure that others are taken care of. We are incredibly thankful for all that Scott and Misty do. They are beacons of light. 

From all of us at Shabonya Dutton State Farm we want to make sure that you know how blessed we all are to have you! 

Thank you for all you do!

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