Northeastern Nevada Featured Artists

Beth & Jacob Petzold

Contributed by Susanne Reese, Elko County Art Club

Beth and Jacob Petzold have been enjoying a creative lifestyle as a team since their marriage in 2016. Their knowledge of artistic values and love of the beauty and peace found in natural landscapes bonded them early in their relationship, and they have grown substantially in education, technical skills, technique, style and art appreciation.

Beth says her lifestyle has always been active and closely tied to nature. She paints birds beautifully, carefully exploring dimensions, color, and character. Tryptic hangings are her creative challenge, to select a perfect trio of canvases to compliment each other and convey the miracle of nature’s avian treasures.

Jacob Petzold has been utilizing photography to journal and document his life and extensive travels since 1998. He enjoys the challenge of photographing famous sites and locations and is especially drawn to quiet places and natural landscapes.

Above the horizon fascinates Jacob, and gives him a feeling of immense freedom. Jacob’s creative thinking and artistic view is a pleasure to study and contemplate.

The Petzold’s exhibit their work at The Taber Building Gallery, Elko Arts! Elko County Art Club volunteer cooperative, in Elko Nevada.