Contributed by Elko County Art Club Northeastern Nevada Artists

Elko Art (ECAC) Artist Advisory committee is curating an exhibit in the California Trail Interpretive Center, Southfork Library. We are estimating a total of 40 images will visually communicate the exhibit theme, Nevada Wild. We will strive to create an opportunity for interactive communication between observers, thinking about the esthetic versus factual qualities of each work.

Landscape capturing the essence of Nevada is defined by our diverse geography. Millions of acres of uninhabited space inspire our imagination. From the Mojave Desert, North to the Great Basin Sage-Stepps, tall mountains and long desert valleys characterize our State.

What do you think influences the work of our artists. The scientific facts or beauty of nature? Each artist must find the ultimate answer within themselves. Our task is to artistically interpret and capture millions of miles within a frame. To put a border around it and communicate the great silence of the deserts, unbroken horizons, and unique loneliness.

Reception: June 2, 6:00 to 8:00 pm

ECAC featured artist Lynne Kistler, will sign her Southfork Library Mural. We are hosting a raffle for our community and guests that evening. Everyone is cordially invited!